Friday, October 15, 2010

Purple Yurple

When I was a little girl, purple was hands down my favorite color. Somewhere between 11 and 16 I really grew out of purple, until now! I never considered painting any of the rooms in my apartment purple but now I think I will consider it for my next space. It is warm yet whimsical at the same time. The two top rooms are my favorite; the purple looks so sophisticated! I am considering painting my hallway entrance a deep raspberry like this one. (Speaking of which, pictures of my completely decorated space coming soon!) Happy weekend!


  1. amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

    if, you want follow me :*** <3

  2. Wow love the purple colours also the chandelier in photo one.

  3. purple does look great in home interiors!!!especially when matched with white furniture!'



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