Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet rue

For all you design junkies, this post is not for you since I know you have already devoured the first issue. That said, I would like to use this post to promote the new online design magazine, rue. It is the brainchild of blogger Crystal from Push Palate and I have to say, the first issue completely exceeded my expectations. I am always wary of online publications because the creativity or the breadth of the publication can sometimes be hard to translate when it's not in your hands. However, everything from the layout, the pictures, the graphics, the design, the font and most importantly the content, is absolutely flawless. Please check out the magazine over at their website! As a fellow Chicago blogger I wish Crystal and her team nothing but success as this is truly a fabulous new addition to the design and blogging community. I cannot wait for the next issue and hope this magazine makes it to print someday.

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