Friday, October 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

As you may have noticed I am on a vintage travel kick and I would love to find one of the these postcards of my hometown to frame for my apartment so I can always have a little taste of home! As you may have guessed I took the train home this weekend to relax, see my family and try to study for the GRE (insert loud groan). I know that once my part-time duties start up as a retail associate during the holidays, it will virtually be impossible to get a break so I figured I would seize the moment to get a little taste of home sweet home. I used to hate my hometown but I think it's something you come to appreciate with age and distance. So this weekend, aside from studying and anxiously awaiting news about a job interview (FINGERS CROSSED!) I will be heading to the apple barn for some seasonal goodies, looking for postcards like the one above and maybe eating the Springfield culinary claim to fame: The Horseshoe. Where is your hometown? Do you miss it, love it, loathe it? Happy weekend!


  1. Your post inspired me to look for postcards from my own postcard-sized hometown. I usually just say "Upstate New York" when asked because no one has any hope of knowing the towns up there.

    I actually found one!

    Hope you get good news about the job interview!

  2. That's awesome Carly! I love those!! THANKS!! :D



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