Monday, February 14, 2011

"Oh What A Beautiful Morning... Oh What A Beautiful Day"

Ok, so I am totally aware of how much of a bad blogger I have been recently! I have been so busy with work, family and personal life (and I am not going to lie the weather last week got me down and pretty lazy) that I just could not find the time or inspiration it seemed! However, what better day to get back on the horse than the "day of love"! I am assuming it can be translated into the "day of forgiveness" as well and therefore you will all forgive me for my pathetic and embarrassing slacking.

That said, I am all giddy inside today because I had a fabulous weekend and the sun is shining here and it is above 30 degrees! REPEAT: ABOVE FREEZING! It feels like I am on holiday and I have been smiling all day.

Then, I came across this amazing print and it just pushed me over the edge into almost hyper-happiness. The Smith's reference is just so darn smart and sexy. Happy Valentine's Day's to all the lovers, the haters and the apathetic lazy souls that don't give two shi$%'s about today because, well, we've all been there. XOXO

Photo via: Pinterest / Lauren Grigg

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