Friday, February 18, 2011

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Oh joy it's Friday! At last! I am so excited because tonight my roommate from Paris, and her roommate are coming in from Florida to spend the weekend with me! We will probably do a lot of wine drinking, catching up and eating at yummy spots around the city! What are you all doing this weekend? Whatever it is I hope it's fabulous and I hope the weather is nice wherever you are!

If your a pattern or fabric junkie, this website will keep you preoccupied for hours!

I need to find these food trucks!

You can now get Laduree on the internet! Their candles are heaven scent (ha!)

I need this print for my wall ASAP.

I wonder if I will ever resort to buying community desk space in Chicago?

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  1. YAY weekend!!! your weekend sounds like its going to be fabulous! love the links too. x

  2. have fun this weekend!!!! xoxo jcd

  3. Hey!

    I just tagged your blog and gave you an award on my blog!
    Check it out!




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