Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have A Delightful Weekend!

Hello lovelies! What are you up to this weekend? I am home for some much needed R & R after the GRE and now I just have to finish up grad applications and I will be ready to enjoy Christmas! I have been getting a lot of time to run since I am at my parents home which is always good! I am missing Chicago but I will be back soon! xoxo

To keep you busy....

This is unsurprisingly sold out (tear) but I will keep checking back. I need it in my apartment...ASAP.

Is picturing my scruffy haired, with a 5' o clock shadow, imaginary boyfriend in this fair isle sweater.

This restaurant recipe is soooooo YUM! You will want a giant heaping to warm you up on a blustery, grey day.

My new years pumps that I am dying to wear!

The packaging, the sparkle, the scent, it all makes me want to twirl!

This is hands down the BEST drugstore lip balm ever! Plus the packaging is nifty.

These are the cutest neon colored mittens! You will be sure to hail a cab with these bright knits on your mits.

Love these colorful stackable rings

I am so obsessed with these affordable slippers. They have not left my feet since I bought them. Aren't the colors rad?

Photo via Wink

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