Friday, January 21, 2011

Have a Sexy Weekend

Yay my lovelies it's Friday! I am so ready for this weekend even though it was a short week! Tonight I think I will be seeing a movie with my favorite intern Jane and getting some drinks! Also, the Bears vs. Packers on Sunday will determine who goes to the superbowl so it's a pretty big weekend here in Chicago. I will likely be viewing the game in a rowdy bar with some beers and cheer :). What are you all doing this weekend? I hope everyone is having an amazing time at Alt and I can say with certainity I will be there next year! Stay warm! xoxox

This is one of my new favorite blogs. I am obsessed with her gorgeous fashion illustrations!

For those of you who have an Ipad..This is AMAZING!

A really affordable pair of super hip vintage glasses that are a steal!

I will be making this yummy recipe with a heaping helping of gaucomole! yum!

Just finished this amazing novel this week. I HIGHLY reccomend it! Can't wait for the movie

I got this as a forward from my grandmother and it is absolutely hilarious! If you need a chuckle read this.

Toilet seat art? Interesting..

Would anyone pay this much for a cat litter box??

Photo credit: via Pinterest

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  1. im going to be watching the chicago bears/packers game too- go bears! and trying to stay warm :) great links. the soup sounds SO good. xoxo jcd



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