Friday, November 5, 2010

Hot Head

Well my dearies, I feel like I had the weekend early because my mom came to visit and we spent a few days doing girl stuff and shopping! Sadly I have to work the weekend but at least I had a fun week! We shopped on the mag mile and had lunch at the most delicious french restaurant in town. We also popped into Adobo for some home made guacamole (they make it in front of you at the table!) by my apartment which is next to the legendary Second City and had a wonderful time. One of my favorite things was this awesome new head band I bought at Anthropologie. It is such a great way to stay chic and warm and not have hat hair. I think it would look really cute on people with short pixie cuts! Happy Weekend!


  1. I need this! I hate running around outside freezing, but never want to crush my hair, (curly girl here), since it has the consistency of straw and would be permanently hat dented.
    Kristina J.



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