Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Country Chic

Hello all! Sorry for the lapse in posts I was away on a family vacation in Tennessee with no access to internet! I always find country chic photos and styles like this absolutely beautiful but completely unrealistic. Real "country" people do not dress like this nor do they even close to being chic; think more Wal-Mart and shopping mall couture. However, one can dream of dressing like this in a rural environment without looking like a fish out of water! Perhaps things like this are better lent for photo editorials rather than everyday life. Nonetheless the trip brought out my longing for hunter boots and plaid and horseback riding and apple cider. Now if only the weather would follow suite! Photos courtesy of Slices of Beauty.


  1. I completely agree! They are great in theory, but it's definitely not country couture. Glad to see a little bit of realism :)

  2. agree with u ,, allot of outfits are better for photo shoots
    but in real life when u try to dress up like that girl in the magazine ,, u feel funny

    gorgeous pics <3

  3. cute pics. it would be nice to just be in the places in the pics...and to dress the part. love the last outfit. if only i looked that cute in it.



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