Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Back to School Shopping List:

My mom reminded me today how much I used to adore going "back to school shopping". I of course loved shopping for clothes because Fall has always been my favorite season and August in a mid-western mall meant stacks of sweaters and dark jeans and shirts to layer and my favorite...Coats!! Alas, I am a little more grown up but I still can't help but yearn for trips to Target or Office Depot to get my hands on a packet of freshly sharpened pencils or a stack full of colorful notebooks, or better yet, a stylish, kick a** binder that would sure garner me some attention (or so I thought). That said, now that I am out of school I still feel the urge to shop this time of year as it satisfies that need to be prepared for the new year as the summer is ending. So here is my little back to school shopping list; some things I have grown out of (like an obsessive need to buy Abercrombie and Fitch graphic T's) but I am still a sucker for desk supplies and coats (as seen above). What were your favorite things when back to school shopping? Happy Shopping!

- Navy School Boy Blazer from J.Crew - nuff said
- Rucksack from LL. Bean - I was OBSESSED with my hot pink canvas LL. Bean monogramed backpack as a kid. This is perhaps a little more sophisticated!
- Bensimon tennis lace-ups - Because everyone needs new sneaks!
- Library Pocket Journal - combines my two loves: notebooks and old library books! heaven!
- Gummy Bear Erase/Sharpener - adorable and delicious from one of my favorite sites!


  1. i really want a blazer too! :D

    <3, Mimi

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  3. the bag is adorable! i obsess over buying stationary for college :) great post!

  4. I too love back to school shopping, I have kids, so I still get to do it, mostly for them but I always through a few things in for myself!

  5. love the boyfriend blazer. definitely get it!

  6. I've been dying for the boyfriend blazer for over a year now! I need to just start saving for it :)

    Loves like a good list!

  7. aww cute erasers!! ill have to check em out!!
    thanks for following me- it means alot!!! =)

  8. That blazer is classic and I like the cut!:D

    I feel the same way about shopping around this time.:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  9. There is nothing more nostalgic to me than the concept of back-to-school shopping. Pencil bags. Novelty erasers that smell like different fruits. Picking out your Trapper Keeper design. CLOTHES!!! Trying not to wear all your new clothes in one big bang on the first week, so you don't "give it all away" right off the bat. I am thirty-five, but still get the shopping bug at back-to-school time. Thanks for reminding me, Kaitlyn.

  10. Gummy bear erasers? Awesome and ordered - thank you!



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