Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've got the Blues

Ok, so I have been hesitant to jump on the blue nail polish trend but I think it can be done under a few conditions. I like blues that are deep and more of a navy, along the lines of a preppy, nautical blue like Chanel's Blue Satin. Or, denim blue, like OPI's No Room For the Blues is an option and could make a summer tan stand out and look really sexy. Or you could just look ridiculous with blue nails so I guess the key here is when and where you're wearing it. Personally I think as long as you avoid turquoise and green blues (which makes me think of lizard hands) it can be done tastefully! I am attempting to go blue at my next manicure so we will see! I never, ever steer from reds or pinks or purples so I am going out on a limb. Have any of you had luck with blue nails?


  1. Great post! I'm loving the blue nail polish trend and wear one shade of blue or another practically all the time :)

  2. Blue Satin is such a pretty shade!:D A classy blue.:D
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  3. I really love blue ones!!Especialy for summer!:)

  4. Love that chanel colour! looks like velvet in a bottle!


  5. Oh! I adore these blues! I've been digging the bright summer colors, and I think I'll transition to a blue as fall rolls around. I love the idea of a navy too!

  6. I love blue nail poslish for the summer season! Im currently wearing OPI's "Whats with the cattitude" from the shrek collection :)

    nice post!

  7. Hahah well come and have a look at my turquoise nails - the alien colour, according to my son - I quite like it!



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