Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashion: Put It All On Me

So I am really feeling the new clog trend. I love love love these asos clogs. They are perfect when you need to look tall and slim but can't get away with wearing a heel for fear of being too dressy or trying to hard. They bring me back to the days of my Steve Madden clogs that I was obsessed with in 4th grade. This time though, I would pair these with cuffed boyfriend jeans; Limited Too bell bottoms? Not so much!

Thanks Sophie for the awesome shout out! Check out her blog. The Littlest Things = SweetPea approved. Check her out and blog on!


  1. so amazing. these asos clogs are in my "save for later" section on my asos account. really want them so badly.
    sorry you couldnt find the tag, i should have given you the actual link so here it is -

    Hope you are having a fantastic day :)


  2. So glad you found me! I hope we might be able to inspire each other, you have a lovely blog!

  3. I'm loving clogs specially the miu miu cat printed ones x

  4. those are too cute! clogs are on my to buy list for the summer!

  5. Love clogs; picked up a cool pair of 'Scholls' this weekend in London! been hankering after a pair for 30 odd years (tragic I know). Don't you just love the sound of wooden shoes as you walk/flounce along... Linda x



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